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Sunday 7-16-2017- Sermon – © Reverend Gary Shade (Reposted) People tend to complain just about everything today. Yet we live in a country blessed by the hand of God. A country where our choices are abundant but we are still not satisfied. A country that values most human life (save the babies), but is besieged […]

The Earl and Prine

No one can tell a story like John Prine in a song. I had the pleasure of seeing him play at the Earl of Old Town in Chicago where other great folk artists played from Odessa to Steve Goodman, Jim Post, The Holstein brothers, Bonny Koloc and many many more played. I was just 17 […]

A Dog’s Lifetime

That’s it. I figure that is all I have left: A dog’s lifetime. I just turned 64 and if I am lucky I might live another 20 years to the ripe old age of 84. But that would be about what I would expect as a very good and long life expectancy of a… dog […]

A great time of the year to unwind!

Sitting at my desk. House is quiet. The grandson and Grandma’ Sue must have fallen to sleep as Sue was putting Thomas to sleep by reading Thomas his book. I’m warm and toasty. Sitting in my easy chair/desk chair drifting in and out of sleep as the cats take their turns waking me by jumping […]