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The crying has not stopped…

The crying and whining continues over Trump winning the election. And now Jill Stein has filed paperwork to perform a recount in the state of Wisconsin! Stein did not even come close to winning the 2016 election. But she has reportedly raised some $7 million+ to fund recounts in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and […]

Will the lunacy ever stop??

I read today that someone had the audacity to post a note on the window of the office of the department of diversity at Englewood College in Madison WI that read “suck it up pussies” in reference to the angst some students and faculty feel about the election of Donald Trump as our next President. […]

Say no! To the high price of health care

You can beat the skyrocketing cost of health care and those super high deductibles. It’s called Christian Health Care. And while technically NOT insurance, these plans are accepted by the government as an alternative to Obamacare. Our premiums were slated to go up to $1350 per month for myself and my wife. And the deductibles […]

Donald Trump is our 45th President of the United States.

¬†And it is sending the liberals into a crying fit. Protests have taken place in major cities across the U.S. including right here in St. Paul MN. They are protesting America electing Donald Trump, yet they demanded if Hillary were elected we accept that as being valid and evidence that our electoral system works. Now […]

Shade’s Landing Inc. endorses Donald Trump for President

It should come as no surprise that we pretty much despise the Clintons the corruption and hypocrisy that they stand for. However do not mistake our overwhelming dislike for Hillary as the only reason why we plan on voting for Donald Trump. Our reasons for endorsing Trump are many. First of all, we strongly believe […]


Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs!The new Major League Baseball World Champions! Breaking a 108 dry spell since thy last won a championship back in 1908. I’ve been a Cubs fan all my life. Well since about five years old as best as I can recall. For me the hey day of the Chicago Cubs was […]


I truly believe that God puts challenges in front of us all of the time. He wants to see how we react, and how we behave in those situations he creates for us. With every crisis comes an opportunity for us to become a better person. It’s too bad I didn’t bend my way of […]


Well we now have the four sides of my son’s pole barn sided with steel siding and the roof and roof cap are on as well. A little touch up work is left so I will have one maybe two more days at his place to act as UNPAID labor for him. He works me […]

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We had a major server crash this week. In fact on the same day our web sites went down, I blew a rod in my truck! It has not been a good week. It will take some time, but God willing, we will be back in business shortly! Until then, welcome and please stop back.