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What is a Human Right?

A lot of debate about a person’s “right” to healthcare or a “right” to a livable wage, shelter, food, and water. But is there really a right to things that may impose a hardship on another or even be taken by force (i.e. through taxes). A good definition of a human right is one that […]

The crying has not stopped…

The crying and whining continues over Trump winning the election. And now Jill Stein has filed paperwork to perform a recount in the state of Wisconsin! Stein did not even come close to winning the 2016 election. But she has reportedly raised some $7 million+ to fund recounts in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and […]

Will the lunacy ever stop??

I read today that someone had the audacity to post a note on the window of the office of the department of diversity at Englewood College in Madison WI that read “suck it up pussies” in reference to the angst some students and faculty feel about the election of Donald Trump as our next President. […]