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Civil Unrest

Perhaps it was too much to ask of the leftists who call themselves Democrats, liberals and progressives. When in reality they act more like communists with escalating calls for violence and actual violence in their protests. Trump took office on 1/20/2017 and only 11 days into his Presidency we have a small contingent of the […]

On Peaceful Transfer of Power- Uniquely America

Watched the entire inauguration with Sue this morning. What a great day and a great ceremony. “Uniquely America” is the theme for the inaugural. And it is fitting. We are one of only a handful of nations on the face of the Earth that transfers power without bloodshed. And we’ve been doing it the longest. […]

Will the lunacy ever stop??

I read today that someone had the audacity to post a note on the window of the office of the department of diversity at Englewood College in Madison WI that read “suck it up pussies” in reference to the angst some students and faculty feel about the election of Donald Trump as our next President. […]