The State of the Democrat Party

We have found in recent days that the Democrat Party stands for:

  • Infanticide
  • Antisemitism
  • Socialism
  • Ripping away 2nd Amendment rights
  • Government-run healthcare
  • 90% Tax Rate

Among other radical ideologies.

What they are not for is the American people.

I can say that with confidence after seeing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi water down a House Resolution condemning antisemitism to something twisted where she condemns white supremacy. How she got there from the Antisemitic comments of Ilhan Omar is beyond me.

But once the resolution was passed in the US House of Representatives Ilhan Omar was quick to jump on the bandwagon and commend the speaker for condemning anti Muslim or Xenophobic rhetoric in a joint statement released on Twitter.. How is this even possible in a sane world? It’s not and that is why the Democrats world is ruled by bulling, Antisemitism and hate.

And the Democrats won’t stop there. Speaker Pelosi is now stating that Ilhan was ignorant that her comments could be construed as Antisemitism. In other words, we should excuse her because “she did not know”.

Ilhan Omar knows exactly what she is doing and while she is not the first Muslim to serve in Congress, I don’t believe she will be the last either.

Democrat excuses for Omar

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