Anti-Gunner Propaganda

Just trying to stop this constant stream of misinformation that’s going on concerning guns and the NRA, and NRA contributions to politicians etc. etc. etc. Have you noticed it all? Semi-autos are “Assault Weapons”, the NRA is the “Merchant of Death”, And of course we have those evil “rapid fire high capacity magazines” and finally – we have a purported ex-General who can’t shoot an AR-15 correctly lecturing us on how to shoot the semi-auto AR in “Full Seni-Automatic” mode.

The NRA nor the gun is the boogie man. Nor is mental health in my opinion. It’s a bloated bureaucracy that can not even handle a direct tip months before the active shooter pulls the trigger. Over 36 times, local law enforcement was called about this kid. THIRTY-SIX TIMES. And the FBI ignored two direct phone call tips about him as well.

There are millions of people in America dealing with some sort of mental health crisis whether it’s depression over the loss of a loved one or some other life event that affects them. That does not mean they all should have their firearm rights terminated if they are not a substantial danger to themselves or others.

Perhaps the answer lies in teaching a child with the necessary amount of discipline and teaching them to respect others, our institutions and God. Perhaps just perhaps as a nation we’ve lost our way to the point that we have an entire generation who now expect a participation trophy for doing nothing. Who expect to be coddled.

When we have adults creating “safe spaces” for college students and handing out coloring books and blankies to young adults, perhaps it is our generation that needs the counseling.

What we create through this “I’m Ok – You’re OK” type of coddling is an altered reality for our children. We create the opportunity for them to become victims because we have not taught them how to handle their own problems, how to fight for what they want without throwing a temper tantrum and shouting down or beating the crap out of the opposition.

We have an entire generation who fears not the atom bomb like our generation was taught to fear (yes fear if not found  in a natural setting, is unnatural and must be taught), but this generation fears being offended. They fear not being liked in their world of social media and online presence. They fear any thought or belief that is not in agreement with their altered reality. If you disagree with someone, label them a racist, homophobic, or a Nazi. Minimize the speaker and you minimize the message (Saul Alinksy – Rules for Radicals).

The anti-NRA and anti-gun rhetoric from this Grandma and others does a great disservice to the discussion of how to secure our schools and other soft targets in America.

If people want to talk about hardening our schools, then let’s do that! There are many ways to that rather than talking about banning guns or magazines which will not keep our kids any safer.

Ironically an AR-15 was used in the Lousiana church shooting but it was a good guy with an AR-15 that stopped the shooter by shooting and wounding him. So it ain’t the gun, it ain’t the NRA. It’s the shooter.

If we stop this insanity of trying to ban everything anytime freedom and liberty shows us it can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands, then maybe, just maybe we can accomplish something.

Otherwise, the next time a drunk driver kills, let’s ban that model of car and make our roads safer. Why not? It is the same faulty logic that is used by the anti-gun crowd.

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