Forum in Eagan MN on Immigration 01-12-2019

I attended a forum today on immigration. Very interesting. However the liberal viewpoints were all clouded with emotion. Very few of their arguments in favor of “immigration” differentiated between legal and illegal immigration nor did they contain a factual basis for the beliefs they claim to hold.

No one changed anyone’s mind today. But a few acknowledged that they liked my plan which is to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration and open up more work visas for illegals who want to come to this country to work. Those who don’t want to work don’t get in.

As for DACA, it was unconstitutional on it’s face and Federal courts have said so. However, I believe those who were brought here as babies and children (under 12 years old for example) should be given a path to citizenship. As is the case now with DACA this confers NO rights or pathways to citizenship for their parents who came here illegally.

And lastly, the estimated 11 million illegals in this country need to be sent home, or back across the border and come in through legal processes. In April 2017, ICE estimated that the average cost per deportation was $10,854 in FY 2016. The Center for Immigration Studies concluded that in 2012 dollars, it would cost between $119 and $124 Billion to deport illegals vs. the $746 Billion that they cost society on an annual basis.

Yet those at today’s conference in favor of DACA and “immigration” failed differentiating between legal and illegal immigration and often confused the two in their arguments for immigration.

They asked how could we be so heartless and not have empathy for these people. That too merits a simple and non-emotional response: We are a country of laws. And if they come to this country illegally, then by definition every one of them has already committed a crime.

And I really don’t care what your “feelings” are on the matter. Address it from a legal stand point and be ready to defend your positions.

It seems pretty simple to me.

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