GOP Shooter and F.B.I. Analysis

The F.B.I. put forth one hell of a confusing analysis of the GOP shooting on June 14th.

What we know:

The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville Illinois, we know belonged to several leftists groups such as:

  • Boycott the Republican Party
  • Terminate the Republican Party
  • The Road to Hell Is Paved With Republicans
  • Join the Resistance Worldwide
  • Expose Republican Fraud
  • Donald Trump is not my President

We know he a hit list of names in his pocket as has been reported form multiple news outlets. His Facebook page as we’ve noted in our initial article was filled with hateful comments toward President Trump, Republicans and Conservatives.

Hodgkinson had two guns with him: An SKS semi-automatic and a 9mm semi-auto handgun. He also had a storage locker where he stored gun parts and ammunition according to the F.B.I.

He was active in the Democrat Party and had even worked for Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016. In fact he visited Sanders Washington office prior to the shooting spree he waged on GOP Senators, Representatives and their staff.

He asked if the people who were on the field that day were Democrats or Republicans.
He was told they were Republicans. He even had taken pictures of them on the field.

F.B.I. Analysis:

Despite all of this evidence, the F.B.I. stated that they don’t believe he had any “specific” target in mind. That the shooting was “spontaneous” not planned and they do not believe the photos taken were “surveillance photos”. And the best line was that they don’t believe this was an act of “terrorism”.

Is the F.B.I. really that incompetent? Or is it that they are trying to cover up this act of domestic terrorism?

What they failed to say is almost as important as the little they did say. That the ideological left has become an ever increasing threat of both terrorism and violence to the right. Instead the F.B.I. painted the shooter as a down-on-his-luck guy filled with rage and anger.

All in all, it is quite disappointing to see the F.B.I. leaders fail in their analysis.

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