Haappy New Year! 2019 is here!

Here I sit in front of the computer just as I did last year on January 1st 2018. Wondering what surprises the new year will have in store for me, my family and my friends. To be sure, it will be a challenging year now that Democrats control the US House. I watched as no fewer than 9 Republican seats got turned over to Democrats in California’s midterm elections through a new way for the Democrats to cheat and commit voter fraud known as “Ballot Harvesting”.

Ballot Harvesting allows anyone to bring to the polling place and turn in absentee ballots. So what did the Democrats do? They sent out partisan hacks onto skid row and homeless encampments and got people to vote for Democrats for the promise of money, cigarettes and booze. They’ve already been caught doing this. https://www.abqjournal.com/1262622/stealing-an-election-legally-via-ballot-harvesting-ex-republicans-in-california-claim-that-dems-used-a-2016-law-to-gain-votes.html

This how to steal an election and do it legally.

So on election night, 9 California Republicans won. Then in the weeks that followed saw their leads dwindle until their Democrat opponent was in the lead and declaring victory. This is why Democracy as a form of government sucks and why the Founding Fathers gave us a Republic.

Gender Neutrality

New York City has now created a “gender neutral” birth certificate whereby parents can claim their child is gender “X” rather than “M” for male or “F” for female. Hate to tell you folks, but if a baby has a penis, it is a MALE. If the baby has a vagina, it is FEMALE. There are only TWO genders. The rest (some 120 of them now) are all made up – make believe. And it’s not the new born that’s confused. It’s his or her parents who are if they choose gender X on the baby’s birth certificate. 

2018 left us with no shortage of outrageous and quite frankly insane leftist insanity (arguments) for bringing back mental health institutions (called asylums). I swear, these people need to be locked up and taken out of the gene pool.

New Years Eve Debacle at NBC

As we were ushering out 2018, NBC had the worst showing for a New Year’s Eve show in television history. Not only did they NOT have a countdown to midnight, they failed to show the ball drop!! Just minutes before the magical hour, Chrissy Teigen was extolling the virtues of a vaginal steam cleaning. Ahhh nothing like a vaginal steaming to get the new year off right and alienate all those families who allowed their kids to stay up late to WATCH THE BALL DROP! Oh well maybe next year we can just watch Rockin’ Eve or Steve Harvey. But whomever thought Carson Daily and Chrissy Teigen were right for their New Year’s Eve show should be fired.

Murder Inc. – Chicago Illinois

Chicago saw 530 murders in 2018. No wonder they saw an increase of people moving out of the Land of Lincoln for the 5th straight year. 

A New Migrant Caravan headed for the U.S.

A new, larger and better funded migrant caravan is headed for the United States according to Reactiva Tijuana Foundation – a migrant advocacy group. This one is up to 15,000 migrants strong. 

Facebook Suspends Reverend Graham

Facebook’s speech and thought police suspended the Reverend Franklin Grahams account over a 2016 posting where he stated his opposition to a North Carolina bill to allow transgender men into female bathrooms. 

University says tall men violate Title IX when they ask a smaller female for a date.

From the Daily Wire: “An official at Mizzou indicated during a deposition that a male student who was physically larger than the female student he asked out may have violated the school’s Title IX policy because his physical size gave him “power over her.” “

We’re not making this crap up folks….

Taxpayers shelled out $115 million to study quails on cocaine

I want to answer the question as to where the quail would purchase his drugs. 

NYC Officials host gun buy back program for…. Toy guns

You read that correctly a toy gun buy back program. Kids were encouraged to bring in your toy guns and turn them in. So glad we got our grandson several Nerf guns before the toy gun buy back program pops up here in Minnesota. 

Artist Nails his Testicles to Sidewalk in Protest

So many things I could say but I won’t. I will take the high road on this one since we all know where the low road leads…. 

Liberal Professor Shoots Himself in Protest of Trump

Liberalism is a disease. Need any more proof?

There are far too many of these stories to cover in one sitting. So until next time stay Shady.

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