In for a cold time tonight!

The temperature is heading down to a real temp. of -20 tonight with wind chills approaching -40. It’s going to be cold is an understatement.

Living in a cold state like Minnesota we get accustomed to weather extremes. We’ll be hunkered down tomorrow and we keep travel to a minimum.

If we do go out in this cold, we dress in layers, wear warm footwear, cover our heads and exposed skin. It’s important to note that in this kind of cold, it takes less than 10 minutes for frostbite to set in on exposed skin.

Keep a spare blanket in your car. an extra pair of socks, flares, washer fluid. jumper cables, emergency cones or the triangular type, emergency flashing light (automotive stores have these) and perhaps an emergency jumper battery like the one I carry made by Peak Performance Products.

Other items include a shovel (the fold up type for storage), flashlight(s), knife (knives), socket and tool set, candles, lighter, chocolate bars, jerky or other high protein food.

And if you have a carry permit, then CARRY your firearm! Stay safe, stay warm.


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