Is he gone? Laid to rest? Are you sure?

When I wrote my first post about McCain’s passing, I actually praised him for the way he faced his impending death. I was way too kind, and way to early to be heaping praise on this vindictive little man.

There were actually people who were told NOT to attend the funeral. I had no idea that you could dis-invite someone from your funeral. Normal people would want people to show up and express their sympathies to the family. But not Big Bad John McCain. McCain was indeed a vindictive, and mean little man. And apparently so is his wife and daughter as are the many others, including former U.S. Presidents who turned his funeral into their political rally.

And we had SEVEN days of the deifying of John McCain as “American Hero”. The phrase was used as a footer, a banner on every broadcast station across the U.S.

McCain had apparently left explicit instructions to NOT invite President Trump to his funeral, nor Sarah Palin his one time running mate. Nor did he allow his former wife to attend. You know the wife he abandoned after she had a terrible debilitating car accident that left her disfigured and nearly unable to walk. His former wife Carol whom he married in 1965 was divorced by John in 1980.

John was a POW at the time of his then wife Carol’s car accident in 1969. It took her six months of grueling rehabilitation just to be able to walk again. Held together with screws and plates and steel rods, she hardly looked like former swimsuit model self when McCain was released from captivity and returned home. She stated in an interview with Edward Janus that she has undergone 23 operations an stands 5 inches shorter than her former self. But she is not bitter. Carol stated in the interview that ‘My marriage ended because John McCain didn’t want to be 40, he wanted to be 25. You know that happens…it just does.”

And Carol was not invited to his funeral.

McCain has often feuded with President Trump who once said McCain was not a hero because he was captured. The President stated he likes soldiers who don’t get captured (or words to that effect).

Fact is many people think that being a POW does not make a man or woman a hero. Many veterans believe that there are no living heroes, only service men who gave all deserve that title.

So President Trump was dis-invited from the funeral as well. Despite Air Force II being loaned to the McCain’s to shuttle the Senator’s body from one viewing event and to the next.

Then there is sweet Sarah Palin. Not a bad word has she ever uttered about John McCain who picked her as his Vice Presidential running mare back in the 2008 elections.

She has always been supportive and appreciative of being chosen even after it was widely circulated that McCain thought she caused him to lose his bid to be President. McCain is rumored to have told those close to him that he should have chosen his long time friend and colleague Joe Liberman. He also believed that Palin was the cause for the rise of the Constitutional Conservative candidate and the Conservative caucus in the Senate and House that won’t compromise their ideals and “reach across the isle” to the Democrats as he was so frequently doing.

But Sarah was not invited to his funeral either.

Then we had to listen to (if you stuck around for it), Liberman, Obama, George W. Bush and others including Meghan McCain, the Senator’s daughter shower our current President Donald Trump with disrespect. It was a sick and very sad display to say the least.

Many who knew McCain said he was an ill-tempered, vindictive little man. And his funeral appears to have born that out.

And how can we forget how McCain gave a famous thumbs down when he cast the deciding vote on the repeal of Obamacare (see video below). His vote was a statement of “shove this up your ass Mr. President.”

From the time of his death to the day he was laid to rest was seven days. But it felt more like a hostage crisis: “DAY 12 of John McCain’s Funneral” etc. I do hope that McCain finds in death the peace he obviously lacked in his life. But enough is enough.


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