Mary Lou Danley and Stephen Craig Paddock via facebook

Las Vegas Massacre 10-02-2017

I don’t know what woke me at 4:30am today, but I thought now that I am up, I’ll go downstairs and grab a banana and go back to bed.

I saw the TV was on an my wife had fallen asleep on the couch and there was a special on. ABC was reporting on a Las Vegas mass shooting and reporting there were 50 dead and over 200 injured by a lone gunman. [UPDATE: 58 dead and 515 injured]

George Stephanopolus was reporting that the gunman had one of those “instruments of killing” an assault rifle that is all too readily accessible. When he was corrected by his guest who stated the staccato of gun fire sounded more like a full auto rifle and that fully automatic firearms (better known as machine guns) are heavily regulated and hard to come by, George quickly went to commercial.

The fix will be in. They will try to portray the shooter Stephen Craig Paddock as a white christian who acted as a lone wolf with semi-automatic¬† “assault” weapons. But a different picture is emerging. They will say it is NOT terrorism. But it is.

Both ISIS and ANTIFA have claimed responsibility for this senseless act of domestic terrorism.Antifa Melbourne Australia posted then deleted the Facebook post shown here.

It turns out that they both may be right. ISIS is claiming that Paddock converted to ISLAM months ago. There is a photo now circulating of his “partner” a female named Marilou Danley. Danley’s Facebook page which has been taken down, shows her visiting in Dubai. Which can mean nothing as many foreigners visit Dubai. Or it could mean a lot. We don’t know at this juncture in time.

A friend of mine did trace down some digital footprints of the shooter: Stephen Craig Paddock.

He tracked down Stephen Paddock’s social media accounts and found this:
Stephen Craig Paddock, the identified shooter:

Is a prominent member of WPU, OFA, and AntiFA,

Has penned letters for Organized for Action decrying Christians, patriots, conservatives, Republicans, the NRA, and Trump.

All of his known friends and associates are prominent leftists or members or organizers for leftist organizations.

A few AntiFA branches have praised his actions and lauded him as a martyr on their websites and twitter accounts, acknowledging him as a brother and member of the Vegas AntiFA branch.

He attacked the concert for a patriotic country western singer known for his conservative and patriotic fans.

How long do you think it will be before the press labels him as conservative Christian Republican Trump supporter and NRA member and start screaming for gun control?
Another user ask him:” Where did you find out all this about him?”

He was on the previous 8ch list of known AntiFA members so I traced from there. His OFA letters are on their page if you do an internal search, if they haven’t removed them yet. His FB page was taken down, but before it was there were rants about fascists forcing people to stand for anthem and salute the flag and the wholesale murder of gays and blacks.


We will watch this story as it develops very closely.

You can find the current list of Antifa members here:
(see for the current list )


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