Latest Trend: Marry Yourself

That’s right. The latest trend among Millennials is to marry themselves. We’re not talking about men doing this… at least I’ve not heard of any. No. This is an invention of the female gender not the male.

The television show Nightline ran a story (see video below) about this last night (3/23/2017). In the video there were several ladies highlighted who held complete weddings, complete with guests and family, and a minister to marry themselves.

Before I get into my unscientific and non-clinical analysis of this phenomenon, let me state clearly for the record I am not nor have I ever been a psychologist or psychiatrist nor do I play one on T.V. With that disclaimer, let’s continue.

I know only a handful of people who would be egotistical enough to think that they were so perfect and above all others as to marry themselves. Yet according to these ladies that is exactly their dilemma. No man is good enough for them.

I’m guessing that in all truth, the ladies who find the perfect mate in themselves are in someway emotionally handicapped, or carry such huge emotional scars that they really believe this is the only way to go. They have given up on the opposite sex and the time it takes to become vested in a meaningful relationship so they opt out.

There was one woman who actually stated that she will still date and still craves sex with a male partner, but that’s O.K. Since she has an open marriage with her spouse (herself that is), so her “other half” so to speak is just fine with her dating. I don’t what psychiatrists would call this type of rationalization other than a true mental disorder assuming this woman was serious.

I also question their claim that they are who they say they are: Women who are really content in their own skin and women who love themselves.

My theory is that these ladies are extremely insecure and emotionally fragile. That they can not love another as they have not yet found that inner peace within themselves. So they turn to theatrics to validate themselves. They turn to family and friends participating in this farce for validation. They go on Nightline for validation. And that is what this is all about: Validation. Validation of their own self worth, and validation of themselves as a woman.

I also see other problems with an . Whose on top? Do they argue with their spouse? How would they divorce? Who gets the car? The house? Kids? You can see the legal issues here right?

The relationship these women have cannot be considered hermaphrodite since they lack male sex organs. And they can’t be considered lesbian in all cases since some, like the woman interviewed by Nightline still date. Bi-sexual perhaps? But that is a problem that I refer to as “not my circus, not my monkeys”.

It’s a brave new world out there folks. And a dangerous one if you are still into the dating scene. You never know who or what you’re leaving the bar with anymore.

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