Leftist insanity this week

Per the NY Post: The NY City council votes to add a third gender to birth certificates. Approved by 41 – 6 vote and Mayor DeBlasio backs it.

YaHoo finance reports that he NJ Governor Phil Murphy has signed a bill giving free tuition to illegal immigrants. I suppose if you are a US citizen and a resident of NJ then you have to pay.

Senator Feinstein turned over an “anonymous” letter to the FBI to investigate an undisclosed allegation of something Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavenaugh did something when he was in high school. The FBI has since said they won’t be investigating. It sounds like Feinstein was hoping for another Russian type of dossier scandal. The Democrats are desperate going back 30, 40 or even 50 years into someones past to come up with some dirt.

The allegation is that he attempted the rape of a young female student. The problem is that Georgetown Prep, a Jesuit school is an all boys school! There are no female students at the school. But facts have never thwarted the Democrats in the past.

College of Southern Nevada professor Mark Bird shot himself in the arm with a .22 caliber Derringer pistol in an attempt to protest President Trump. The professor was charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, discharging a gun within a prohibited structure and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

An embarrassing and blatantly biased video of Google’s head honchos telling their faithful Google bots that “We lost the election” and that they have to do better to control and influence future elections. The satire web site the Babylon Bee showed an actor as a Google rep. apologizing for the video and political bias of the company while wearing a T-Shirt that reads “Kill All Republicans” Here is a link to the real story:

The University of Wisconsin Madison students are protesting of all things… wait for it… ice cream. The students (all three of them) hold that ice cream marginalizes Muslim and Vegan students as ice cream is made with beef gelatin. The University does sell sherbet and Greek yogurt for those students who feel “marginalized” and fear real ice cream.

According to Breibart, they also offer a lactose free ice cream option. But apparently that is not enough and the students at the University have so much free time on their hands they feel the need to protest…. ice cream.

And in March of this year, Utah passed a “Free Range” parenting law that states it is not a crime nor is it child neglect, to let your child play in a park unsupervised or to walk home from school alone.

Are you kidding? We now need a law for this? And a name: “Free Range Parenting”?

My parents encouraged me to go outside and play with such loving phrases as “get your butt outside and blow the stink off “(I didn’t really stink and they knew it). Or they might ask “what are you coming home so soon for? Go out and play some more.”

Hell we used to ride our bikes behind the mosquito abatement truck when it was spraying for mosquitoes. Mom said don’t do it, but who listened? Noooooo!

We played baseball outside from dawn to dusk in our neighborhood. Allen, Marty and Jim Williams, Emil Mudrak, and other kids were all “free ranging” kids back then. And we grew up stronger for it.

We were able to solve most all of our own problems. And the social skills we acquired included how to deal with bullies proved invaluable in life.

Yet today we need a law to allow kids to be kids and parents to be parents. What a shame.

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