Liberalism is a Disease

The Minnesota Democrats this session have introduced and in many cases passed bills that would shred the Constitution’s due process clause, make a mockery of and show their hypocrisy on the age of adult hood, raise taxes, and give driver’s licenses to everyone. They want to raise taxes  to the point whee MN is the highest taxed state in the nation in terms of it’s gas tax, estate tax and income tax, and the MN House DFL majority has already passed a bill to provide everyone in MN, regardless of their immigration status, driver’s licenses.

Governor Walz wants a twenty cent per gallon gas tax, and wants to open at least three “anti-Islamophobic” centers in Minnesota. He welcomed CAIR: An organization with known terrorist ties according to the FBI, while ignoring their terrorist connections to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. It was clear from the Governor’s speech that the ultimate goal is to criminalize any speech against Islam (we’ll speak out against the cult of Islam in another editorial). In other words, Sharia law in, freedom of speech out.

The DFL is out of control in Minnesota. Emboldened by taking the House and retaining the Governor’s mansion, they become more and more bizarre and Draconian every day with their proposals. I suppose being in the majority in the House and owning the governor’s mansion is pretty heady stuff for the small minds that inhabit the DFL.

While they propose raising the age to purchase a rifle or shotgun in Minnesota from 18 to 21, and to raise the age for the purchase of tobacco products, they seek to lower the voting age to 16. You are not old enough to make your own decisions on tobacco or old enough and responsible enough to own a rifle or shotgun until you are 21, but they somehow believe you are responsible enough to vote at 16 years of age.

Bill HF 2557, was heard in the Committee on Taxes on Apr. 3, would raise the estate tax to 16.8% on estates over $11.1 Million or higher. The DFL cries “It only affects the rich!” Is that not something all people should aspire to someday? Being rich? But the DFL apparently believes that is evil.

Alphanews reported that John Phelan, the economist for the Center of the American Experiment had testified against the bill. Pointing our that it points MN in the wrong direction in regards to estate taxes. Even the liberal bastion of New Jersey is repealing their estate tax. But we propose being the highest in the country at 16.8%.

HF 8 and HF 9 are two insidious bills promoted by Michael Bloomburg’s anti-gun group Everytown.

HF 8 calls for “Universal” background checks. It raises the age to purchase a long gun (rifle or shotgun) from 18 to 21, and criminalizes the simple act of loaning a firearm to a friend without putting your friend through a background check first. This includes loaning a rifle or shotgun to someone during hunting season or even at the range: “Hey Bob you want to shoot my new Glock?” would be a crime unless Bob went through a background check first.

It would also be a crime to sell a firearm in your private collection to anyone without first making that person go through a background check. Most FFLs (licensed gun dealers) charge for that service. $25 seems to be the going rate. So $25 on the front end to check the firearm into their inventory and then another $25 on the back-end as they handle the required paperwork to complete the transfer. Even if you know the individual and they are not a family member.

HF9 allows any family member to make a complaint to the local police or Sheriff that another family member is unstable. Law enforcement can then go to a Judge and get a court order to confiscate your firearms. You have no say in it. It is a total end run around the due process afforded to you in the Constitution. You then have to wait a period of time and THEN and only THEN can you appeal the confiscation of your firearms.

So you married a bitch of a woman and she makes an unfounded complaint to the cops just to screw with you. You are as they say S c r e w e d. It can work the other way as well, but what are the chances?

National Level
(the insanity
emanates from Washington Democrats) 

Washington is no better. Thank God that we still have a majority in the MN senate and in the US Senate and the Presidency.

From proposals to tax UNREALIZED capital gains taxes to allowing an unfettered flow of illegal immigrants into this country, to the elimination of the Electoral College, the Democrats have demonstrated that they have one and only one thing on their mind: HOLDING ONTO POWER.

Why else would they want to lower the voting age to 16 and allow illegals by the hundreds of thousands to flow across our borders? Their three pronged attack is simple: Give the vote to 16 year olds and get enough illegals to fraudulently vote for Democrats and get rid of the electoral college to ensure CA, TX and NY control the popular vote. Once the electoral college is gone, that is all it will take and America will never again see a Republican President.

While it may be fun to watch Ocasio Cortez, the new freshman Representative from NY make a fool of herself, it speaks to a deeper problem: We are fast becoming a nation of idiots who elect people like this.

Cortez’s “Green Deal” would cost Americans over $32 TRILLION dollars over 10 years (from a multitude of sources). She is more concerned with cow farts and so called global warming than she is in helping her own constituents. Cortez’s Green New Deal did get a single vote in favor of it in the US Senate. Not one. The majority Senate Republican all voted NO while the Democrats voted PRESENT to avoid the appearance of dripping with insanity y voting yes.

Still Ms. Cortez has a new elevated platform for her nonsensical rhetoric and by all accounts, it appears she is having fun with it.

The Democrats are for the following:

  • Infanticide: Late term abortions including the 3rd trimester
  • Antisemitism – They have more antisemitic office holders and candidates than the Nazi Party currently has
  • Registration and confiscation of firearms (they do not even attempt to hide it anymore)
  • Raising taxes ALL Taxes from gas taxes that affect everyone who drives to estate taxes
  • Unfettered flow of illegal aliens into America
  • Allowing felons to vote
  • Allowing 16 year old kids to vote
  • Allowing illegals to vote
  • Repeal of the Constitutional Electoral College (do you see the pattern here???)
  • Minnesota Democrats vote 73-54  in favor of allowing convicted murderers, child sex offenders, drive-by shooters to work in DHS programs (HF 2265)
  • Speech control and censorship (Christian, whites, and conservative principles)
    • Making criticism of Islam a crime (i.e. Sharia Law)
  • Sharia law in, freedom of speech and practice of Christianity out
  • Welfare and education benefits for illegal aliens
  • Non-cooperation with Immigration officials (i.e. sanctuary cities)
  • Elimination of cows and cow farts (Green New Deal)
  • Elimination of airplanes (Green New Deal)
  • Monthly aid for people who can not work or DO NOT want to work (Original Green Deal proposal)
  • Corey Booker wants to put a hefty tax on meat so people will eat vegan
  • Most all of the Democrat candidates want the US Treasury to pay reparations to people who were never slaves, nor were their parents or grandparents slaves. And the money would come from the taxes paid by people who never owned slaves.
  • Medicare for all
  • Free education for all
  • Paying people a monthly stipend for doing nothing and calling it “living assistance”
  • Raising the minimum wage (it’s not working where they have raised it resulting in fewer employee hours, smaller staffs and businesses going out of business).
  • Getting God of schools but allowing Allah into schools through mandatory “Hijab days” and field trips to Mosques and forced listening to Muslim Imam speakers.)
  • Transgender story time for K-8 students – (Drag Queens brought into classrooms of our children for story time) meant to foster acceptance off the less than 1% transgenders in this country
  • Criminalize people who use the wrong pronoun to describe a “non-binary” person

When I think the Democrats can not get any crazier that this, they will take it as a challenge and prove me wrong.

So it is simple folks. Vote for sanity in 2020. Vote conservative.


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