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Corporate Web Site – Shade’s Landing Inc.
FirearmsAndLiberty.com – Home of some great historical documents and our online store
Our Other Online Store – Shop for training classes and products at Firearms And Liberty
Minnesota Online Training Class – Our Online/Hybrid MN Carry Permit Class
Tactical Firepower Inc. – Training and Instructional DVDs and MN Permit to carry classes
Grow Pepper Seeds – Grow your own hot peppers!
Jason’s Snakes – Snakes for sale!
GaryShade.com – Blog, Wellness, Health, Photography, Video Web Site & store
Fire Fight Tactical – Tactics
Our Old Web Log (archived for historical purposes – no longer in use)

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Other Great Sites
HandgunLaw.US – Check out what states your permit(s) is valid in.

American Legion Post 1776 – Apple Valley MN

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