Make Your Laptop Great Again!

So my old Gateway laptop running Windows 7 would take forever to boot up. I didn’t have many programs on it and don’t use it all that much. But having installed a new Linux (Ubuntu) server which is all command line without any graphical interface, I was excited to install and try out the desktop version of Ubuntu.

There are many reasons why you should ditch Windows in favor of Linux. First of all Linux is free as are upgrades. Applications such as Libre Office do all that Microsoft Office does and more. It reads and writes Office files as well as it’s own formats. It even reads and plays Microsoft Power Point presentations.

For Netflix you will need Google Chrome which plays Netflix just fine. For e-mail there are several choices, but I prefer Thunderbird. It’s easy to setup and use and you can maintain dozens of mailing lists with it.

The first thing you need to do is to download the Ubuntu desktop image from

You will also need a third party program called Rufus in order to make your bootable “key” or USB stick. It’s a simple and painless process. Once you have your boot stick, set your bios on your machine to boot from the USB stick. Now reboot using the stick.

You will be prompted for a trial run of Ubuntu or an install from the USB stick. You will want to try it to ensure your hardware is compatible with Ubuntu. once you have verified your hardware works under Ubuntu, then you can install the full version. You could opt for a dual boot system that would allow you to boot windows or Ubuntu, but I chose the full install as I had little use for Windows on the notebook PC.

You’ll be prompted for little things like time zone, language, keyboard type, username and password (important to keep safe. This will be your admin account). And it will ask you if you want to encrypt your disk drive. That way the contents will be unreadable to anyone who can not unlock with a pass key phrase of your choosing.

Once installed, it is time to reboot. Remember to remove the USB stick.

Notice how much faster the machine comes to life in a boot up sequence. I was very pleased and continue to be.

Get out from under Windows and install Ubuntu Desktop today. It’s hard to beat.

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