Midterms 2018 – A Silver Lining

I feel like I usually do after election night: I have an election night hangover. No I did not drink. It’s just that my head is ready to explode due to the minions of true idiots that have been bred and continue to breed in Minnesota and across this country.

The casual acceptance of socialist candidates from the left that have infiltrated and taken over the Democrat party is lost on those minions. Some could care less as long as government continues to provide free stuff as if it is Christmas. Others embrace the dictates of a socialist/communist regime while lacking even a fundamental grasp on math or what drives the money tree they feed from. How else can you explain the election in New York’s 14th District of a self proclaimed socialist 29 year old named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ?

Cortez wants healthcare (Medicare) for all at an estimated cost of $30 Trillion dollars over 10 years. Yet she believes the prices will miraculously fall. When asked how she planned to pay for the program her response demonstrated her lack of mathematical skills. She would state in interviews “No, people often say, like, how are you going to pay for it and I find the question so puzzling because ‘How do you pay for something that’s more affordable? How do you pay for cheaper rent?’ You just pay for it. We’re paying more now.” She also feels that tuition should be free for all.

In Minnesota, voters elected the first Muslim woman to Congress. Ilhan Omar. Another candidate who believes in not only healthcare for all, but also free housing and college for all. Another mathematically challenged politician.

Republican Jason Lewis lost his MN 1st District seat to Angie Craig, an openly gay political progressive who calls her stance on banning guns reasonable and common sense “Finally, I believe we should immediately ban the sale of military style, semi-automatic weapons, and make high-capacity clips, “bump stocks,” and other attachments that enable semi-automatic rifles to fire faster illegal.“ (Angie Craig for Congress web site). They are not clips Angie. They are magazines and they are not high capacity, they are NORMAL capacity.

I firmly believe that Jason Lewis’s defeat lies in his lack of town hall meetings while in office and his lack of traveling his District to gather information from his constituents. I did not find him to be as accessible as his predecessor (Republican John Kline). This arrogance or privilege of office, I believe, lead to his demise. His support eroded and allowed Craig to beat him in this the second match up between the two.

Democrat Dean Phillips beat Republican incumbent Erik Paulsen in the 3rd Congressional District. Again, Paulsen rarely was seen in public talking with constituents. This hubris or as I call it, arrogance of office gave Phillips an opening so large, he drove his campaign truck through it and is driving all the way to Washington. Much like ex-Senator Wellstone did with his green school bus.

Democrats have taken control of the House in Congress and Minnesota Democrats have taken control of the Minnesota House as well.

Republicans increased their majority in the U.S. Senate and that is the silver lining in the 2018 mid-terms. Should there be another opening on the U.S. Supreme Court, President Trump will be able to get his nomination through the Senate confirmation process (as brutal as it may be).

Expect many anti-gun bills from both the MN House and the US House. Be vigilant and show up to protest attempts to take our firearms.

Political Journalist Jordan Rachel points out that:

  • Clinton lost 52 house seats at midterm
  • Bush lost 30 house seats at midterm
  • Obama lost 70 house seats in midterm (the most of any President since Truman) and lost 13 Senate seats at midterm

Trump is only the 3rd President in 100 years to gain Senate seats. And Republicans have lost 27 or 28 seats in the House. There was no national “BLUE WAVE”. It resembled more of a leaky facet. Still, we conservatives have our work cut out for us in the 2020 elections especially in Minnesota.


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