Obama was the ultimate Manchurian Candidate

L Todd Wood of the Washington Times hits a home run in his op-ed titled “America really did have a Manchurian Candidate in the White House”. But he could have gone so much further in his analysis and comments.

Obama’s goal was to initiate the destruction of the United States as we have known it. To tear down our institutions, to make strong our enemies, and to weaken our allies.

Obama and the Deep State did NOT see Trump becoming a threat to the continuation of their NWO. Neither did the former leaders of the GOP. They thought through a campaign of disparagement. intimidation, and propaganda (fake news) they could control the narrative and control the people. After all they had control of all the major news outlets. But they failed even though they continue their failed campaign today.
Obama was the Manchurian candidate we had all theorized about. But he was not a plant from Russia, the KGB, or even the Muslim nation. He was one groomed and grown by our own Deep State. A network of American internationalist citizens who would cede our sovereignty to the New World Order. Those who viewed their wealth as coming from the international network of thieves that included the central bank, our “Federal” reserve, and born to international interests above our own.

This Washington Times article hits it on the head.

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