Defensive Handgun Classes

Our Tactical Fire Power II class offers exceptional training in safety, multiple target engagement, three specific stances, 360 degrees of movement and shooting, rapid fire, quick target acquisition, drawing form the holster and concealment, point shooting and more. You’ll need 250 rounds of ammo, baseball hat, loose fitting and lightweight jacket or shirt for concealment exercises, hearing and eye protection and of course, your carry firearm. Class size is limited and these classes fill up fast when advertised.

Tactical Firepower III picks up where Tac II leaves off and covers speed and tactical reloads, malfunction clearing, one haded shooting, shooting and moving, different shooting positions, how to take a fall and shooting around and through obstacles. Like Tact II this course also fills up quickly and we limit the number of students. You will need all the material listed above under Tactical Firepower II for this class.

We highly recommend the Tactical Firepower 3 DVD set as these courses are modeled on DVDs #2 and #3.

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