Private One on one handgun shooting lesson


Learn the fundamentals of shooting in this action packed one hour lesson. You will learn, stance, proper grip, aiming, sight picture, breath control, and follow through. Safety is our number one concern and you will also learn the four rules for gun safety:
1) Always treat every gun as if it were loaded
2) Always keep your finger off the trigger
3) Always keep your firearm unloaded until your ready to use it
4) Always know your target and what is beyond the target

You will use our firearm and our ammunition (included in cost). After you have successfully completed our lesson, you will be given the option of using your newly acquired skills using your own firearm and ammunition (if you have one).

Included with this lesson is the Tactical Firepower Handgun System 3 DVD set. You will learn and review the fundamentals of shooting on disk one and advanced concepts on disks two and three.

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