Terror in Broward County

Nicholas Cruz was a problem child in his neighborhood and in his school. On February 14th 2018, Nineteen year old Cruz took a legally purchased AR-15 and several loaded magazines to his old high school: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He had been expelled from the school for fighting, and on February 14th, he came back to appease his demons.

He entered the building between 2pm and 2:30pm having been dropped off by a Uber ride according to police reports. He shot into 5 classrooms in 6 minutes. When the shooting was done 17 people were killed and many more wounded.

The calls for gun control did not take long. Erin Murphy, legislator in MN is proposing a bill to ban the sale and possession of just one model of rifle: The AR-15. She did not say in her news interview how she intends law enforcement to enforce a possession ban. Will they go house to house? Or does she believe that Minnesota gun owners will line up to turn in their AR-15 rifles?

Of course Pelosi and the other Washington Democraps are calling for “action” (code word for gun control).

The F.B.I. was tipped off about Cruz but guess what? Today 02-16-2018 they admitted they received the tip that he wanted to commit mass murder at a high school. But THE F.B.I. DID NOT INVESTIGATE! Now Attorney General Sessions is calling for an investigation of the F.B.I. and the Governor of Florida is demanding the F.B.I. Director resign.

But gun control won’t work and here is why. These are four proposed policies by a well intention though woefully uninformed Facebook user.

1. Put back in place the rule that President Trump overturned requiring a social security review to ensure those on disability for mental health issues not be able to buy guns or at least require a further review to determine if their mental health issue tends toward violence.”

Not many seniors committing these acts of violence. This would do nothing and there was so much wrong with it when Obummer ordered it. The Executive Order took the rights away from seniors who had someone acting as fiduciary for them or their estate. Nothing wrong with them mentally, but there were an estimated 1.5 million seniors that this applied to. Not very fair is it? And it did nothing to stop mass shootings.

This was a bad policy.

“2. Require background checks for private sales of guns.”

How would this solve anything? The Florida Shooter and the Vegas shooter both purchased their firearms from dealers and went through background checks. Private sales are NOT the problem and has never been a problem.

“3. Require mental health professionals to report to police individuals who they think could be violent and and have police take their fore arms and put those names into the background check database to not be able to purchase guns.”

You will have people being reported because they lost a loved a one and in their grief are angry at what seems to be the world. They would never verbalize a threat or be a threat to others, but this would snare people who voluntarily went to get help. Even mental health professionals don’t like this option. It flies in the face of due process.

Your neighbor who wears a T-shirt that says “Kill them all and let God sort them out” will surely be reported. Is this how you want to live? In the absence of common sense?

“4. Curtail the legal sales of semi automatic weapons. Even many hunters say they don’t need them to hunt. “

Hunting has nothing to do with owning a semi-automatic firearm or the second amendment. It is a valid reason for gun ownership to be sure, but it is a straw man argument. We’ve had semi-autos around since the turn of the 19th/20th century. The Colt 1911 was one of the first semi-automatic handguns. We hunt with Remington semi-auto shotguns and rifles and handguns. In fact the AR-15 is one of the most popular varmint firearms.

We’ve had semi-autos and never had the problems we have today. But we also had firearms in schools. Courses taught gun safety and marksmanship. We had many ranges in schools as well right here in MN. In Carpentersville Illinois, where  I grew up, there was a range in the basement of the post office. There was one here in the Minneapolis post office as well. And WE DID NOT HAVE THESE CRIME PROBLEMS.

Nor will adding more and more police, and metal detectors and razor wire to our schools solve the problem. What it will do is make school seem like a prison and not a school. It will indoctrinate our children into being mindless drones of the state and accept authority and the excessive force used in screening them, their belongings and their lockers on a daily basis. Cameras will reinforce the idea that Big Brother is watching 24/7. It is not a childhood I would want my child to go through.

But there is a very simple solution. Let the teachers, and administrators who want to carry a firearm, and who have been trained in the use of lethal force, do so. Let them truly become the protectors of our children. It’s simple, cost effective and it works. Just look to the country of Isreal.

Many school districts in America are now adopting policies that allow teachers to carry in the classrooms and schools. The Kern High School District school board in Bakersfield California (YES California!) voted to allow teachers and others to carry in the district schools. In Utah it is legal to carry in and on Universities, colleges, and k-12 schools. And there has not been one gun incident since making campus carry legal.

So what are we waiting for? Keep our children safe and allow for carry permit holders to carry in schools and on school property.

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