The Problem with Many Millennials

I want to be clear. Not all Millennials are toxic Millennials. Some work and work very hard. Some study and study very hard. My daughter is one of them. So I don’t want to use a broad brush and paint all Millennials in the likeness of pajama boy.

I’m in one of those Facebook arguments with a Millennial who thinks having “studied” at a shopping mall junior college makes him special. No word if he even graduated or has a degree or certificate.

He’s 25 lives at home, begs for odd jobs on his real Facebook page (he uses an aliases to ambush conservatives and “old farts’ as he calls my generation). He writes: “looking for part time cash paying jobs close by want to make an extra $50-$100 per week but I’ll keep an open mind to all options, located in Riceville, if you know anything pm me… “

He can’t spell, or write and can barely communicate. He writes run-on rants and diatribes and he thinks he’s special (he has said “I am da’ man). He states that people “other than my family think I am good at guitar”. I was tempted to write back “I’m smart enough, I’m good enough and dog gone it people like me.” But I resisted an almost overwhelming temptation to do so.

He said the only reason I served my country is because I had “a shitty upbringing which ended you in the military”. No kid, it was a sense of duty to my country. A sense that this great nation that allows you to sit in your parents house smoking your dope and playing guitar in your bedroom, in your pajamas, really is the one last hope for freedom and democracy.

And as I previously mention: He is living at home. His father is around 54 years old and he lives with him and his mother at the same address in Riceville IA. He is the  stereotypical Millennial. Age: 23 to 35 living at home with Mom and Dad and without a job. He picks guitar, has no real income and looks for odd jobs all while leaching off others. In this case his parents.

When he posted that he has lived more in his 25 years than I have lived in my entire life, I thought to myself “this should be fun”. So I put him to the test. I told him that by 25, I was married, had served my country, had my first of three degrees, and I worked for a fortune 500 company as a hardware and software engineer. We were also moving into our second house. And I had just started working on the first of five books on technology I subsequently had published.

I asked him to please enlighten us all as to what he has done in his meager life. Nothing. I got absolutely nothing from this little liberal POS.

He informed me I had some anger issues with Millennials. “No” I said. Just great disappointment. I told him “Think of me more as the cat who is playing with a half dead mouse – you.”

What a waste of oxygen.

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