Unfriend me… PLEASE!!!

I have asked in the past that you brain dead liberals just unfriend me. I promise, I won’t take it personally. But I am getting sick and tired of the drama in your life that you impose on others.
I’ve also asked if you liberals could be any dumber. I retract my question as many of you thought that was a challenge.
I don’t care about your opinions as you try to pass them off as fact, and you obviously don’t care for my facts as you’ve responded with adhominem attacks by calling me misogynistic, homophobic, racist, uncaring, unfeeling, a neo-fascist, Nazi, and my favorite: A Trumpeteer. And all of which only goes to prove to the world that you have lost the debate.
In return, I’ve referred to you as an idiot, a Democrap, socialist, communist, statist, progressive, uninformed, not nice, and other unpleasantries. Yet you are still here. 
I’ve been put into Facebook jail (inmate number: 567894837673888) and am damned proud of it.
You tell me abortion is a right. Right up there with freedom of speech and all the other Amendments. If that is true, why is it that I have to pay for YOUR right to an abortion but I don’t pay for any of your other rights like freedom of speech?
You say it is wrong for us to “kick” people out of our country who came here illegally, but you think it is perfectly OK to “kick” Sarah Sanders out of a restaurant she entered legally with her family to dine. If it were not for double standards, you’d have no standards at all.
I am a Christian, family loving, gun toting son of a bitch that is proud of my country, my heritage and what you call “white privilege” .
I have been fortunate enough to be married to the SAME woman for 42 years. I joke and tell people that I have stayed with her the last 10 years just to piss her off! When in reality, I am blessed for every day that I get to see her, talk to her, hold her and tell her how special she is to me.
I am not opposed to LEGAL immigration, and I am all in favor of women in leadership positions (the right woman, just as I favor the right man). And by the right woman I mean one who is just as proud as I am to awake every morning and say thank you to God for allowing me to be an American.
I love the American flag because I understand what it stands for. The sacrifices made so that I can speak my mind and you can speak yours. Even though we will likely never agree on much of anything.
So on this July 4th I am asking for two things. 1) If you are a liberal (you know who you are) unfriend me immediately. and 2) get some joy in your miserable life. It must suck to be you.
God bless America, and God bless my family and my friends. Have a Happy 4th of July.

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