Virginia Shooting – GOP – 5 wounded

The Virginia Shooter: James T Hodgkinson ~ Democrat, 66 years old

[A full PDF of his Facebook postings can be found here. The links still work to Hodgkinson’s linked content. But no photos are present.]

Today a lone shooter attempted the mass murder of several dozen GOP House and Senate members and staff while they practiced for their annual GOP and Democrat baseball game.

The shooter has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville Illinois. And he was an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter in the 2016 campaign and an ardent leftist with an avowed hatred for the President and the GOP as witnessed on his social media postings.

Prior to his Facebook page being locked down, I was able to get into it and read many of his postings. It was evident he was unhappy about the election. He referred to Hillary as a “Republican” in a pants suit and threatened the DNC for choosing Hillary over his candidate Bernie Sanders.

And Trump was on his radar. Hodgkinson posted on March 22nd at 12:09pm “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed Our Democracy. It’s time to Destroy Trump & Co.”. The post was followed by a link to a petition seeking to remove Trump as President.

His postings stopped on May 24th. with a post linking to to stop the Nexus pipeline.

He was 66, Caucasian and a Democrat.

Of all the recent mass shooters the majority have two traits in common: Either they are Muslim and/or a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders issued a statement from the floor of the Senate today condemning the violence. Yet it has been Sanders supporters who were involved in or sponsored the violence at the Trump Rallies. The main stream media would have you believe Trump himself is to blame due to some “rhetoric” he used in his campaign stumps. Not true. Yet we have plenty of evidence that Sanders & Hillary supporters were actually paid to commit acts of violence at the Trump Rallies.

We teach firearm self-defense classes. It is a sad statement on society when I tell my students to carry or have rapid access to your weapon(s) 24/7. But such is the society we live in today. Honest people are terrorized everyday by these cowards who strike at shopping malls and ball fields. Where we recreate, shop and play. It is the sheep dog, the Crusader who acts not to perpetrate violence but in reaction to violence brought by evil men.

The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson died from his wounds. He walked out into the clearing where two armed bodyguards of Representative Steve Scalise, took Hodgkinson out. It almost looked like he was committing suicide by cop according to reports. If it had not been for those two heroes who themselves were wounded, many would have died. As it was Representative Scalise was shot in the hip and five others were wounded.

Go armed. And with God’s speed, stay safe.

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