You kissed me…. 40 years ago!

Christine Ford appears to be finally ready to testify this next Thursday if we can believe the news reports. She had a list of demands such as having the accused go first! Apparently she is either not to bright or she does not give a crap about due process and the tenants of jurisprudence. No Ms. Ford. You testify first and lay out your accusations and grievances and then the accused testifies if he chooses to.

Diane Feinstein had plenty of time to discuss the matter with Supreme Court nominee and the accused, Brett Kavenaugh, but she conveniently stayed silent. Feinstein had the e-mail or letter from Ms. Ford since July. She met with Kavenaugh on at least two occasions and grilled him in the Senate hearings of a week ago. Still she stayed silent.

Then when it seemed inevitable that the tactics  the Democrats were using were running dry (like interrupting the hearing and having a Cory Booker “Spartacus Moment”), they brought out a then anonymous accusation of sexual assault against the Judge. And let’s not forget that this Judge has withstood at least six F.B.I. background checks in his career which turned up none of this nonsense.

Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, thinks men should just shut up. After all how could we know what this poor woman has gone through. And we have Senator Gildebrand who stated on national TV that she believes Ford and within seconds said it was so unfair that Republicans have made up their minds before any investigation has taken place. Someone should tell the Senator how to spell HYPOCRITE.

Then there is Ms. Ford herself. Supposedly stating that she called a friend on her cell phone and told her of the alleged assault. This supposedly happened in 1982. The only cell phones at the time looked like walkie talkies and cost over $3,000. You had to walk around with a huge bag containing the battery for it!

And Ms. Ford had plenty of time to tell her story but chose not to (see inset graphic). And we have plenty of reason NOT to believe Ms. Ford.

There is no credible evidence. No police reports, no doctor reports, not even a witness who can put Kavanaugh and Ford together at the same party (Ford’s own witnesses, four to date, have all denied that his even happened.) But we are just supposed to believe her and crucify Kavenaugh who by all accounts is not only one of the best judicial picks Trump could have made, but also a decent human being and family man. In fact some 75 women have come forward and said exactly that: He is a decent and moral man.

While Ms. Ford did not take any previous opportunity to bring this up during Kavenaughs career, she did take the time recently to scrub her Internet and social media presence. She knew she would bring a shit storm and took all the precautions to minimize the impact. She’s gone so far as to try to suppress her yearbooks from the Internet as well, but many other people have had the fortunate foresight to save them. And what a story Ms. Ford they tell.

These yearbooks were her sophomore, junior and senior years (she would have been a sophomore when this assault took place.) Those year books clearly show she liked to party. And party. And party some more. She is attributed with saying she often got so drunk she had no idea of what happened at the parties she attended. Drunken sluttiness does not make for a good girl image when accusing a Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault.

The lesson here is that boys and men should carry with them at all times… release forms. Bet you thought I was going to say condoms! But no, sadly males should now have a release form drafted for themselves. The release form should specifically state that any all contact between the two people is CONSENSUAL. If the girl won’t sign it – move on. For those who do sign the form, put those signed consent forms in a safety deposit box and hold them.  Use them if you need to in 20, 30 or 40 years as proof of your innocence.

But of course if a girl you never were with fabricates a sexual assault story then you are screwed. It’s a case of he said and she said… unless you keep a diary.

Here are just a few cases where men’s lives and careers were ruined or nearly ruined through false accusations:

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